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I have around 6+ years of experience in SQL Server development and in Business Intelligence area. I am working as Datawarehouse developer. My blog space includes all technical areas related to SQL Server and MSBI (SSIS, SSRS and SSAS).
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    SQL Server Backup command

    Every SQL Server developer have a basic knowledge of Backup commands. Well, this command come with a huge number of different options which can be highly useful in various ways. You can refer the complete list of Backup commands with all the options on ......
    Blogs »  Divya's Blog
    Divya Agrawal Shah  Posted on Feb 9 2010 7:05AM
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    Query Execution Plan

    I have been looking onto how Query Execution Plan works on internet. It shows the execution plan SQL Server Query Engine used to achieve the output. There are numerous operators used when the query is complex enough to show the plan. Well, i am assuming that many of you might be aware of the key ope......
    Blogs »  Divya's Blog
    Divya Agrawal Shah  Posted on Sep 1 2009 1:14PM
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