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    Using Lambda expression in FindAll()

    I got a critical comment from @amazedsaint. You can read his blog If you read my previous post , I am using a method GreaterThanHunAs predicate to pass as parameter to FindAll() Instead......
    Blogs »  Debug Mode
    Dhananjay Kumar   Posted on Nov 26 2010 9:08AM
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    Anonymous types in C# 3.0

    anonymous types is the new feature in c# 3.0 . Which allows to create a class on the fly without any name. This is very useful while fetching value from LINQ query Anonymous types are new feature being added in C# 3.0. These are data types being generated on the fly at the run time.......
    Blogs »  Debug Mode
    Dhananjay Kumar   Posted on Oct 6 2010 1:46PM
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    Child Window in WPF

    In WPF we can work with child window as dialog box. This article will provide you an explanation that how could we work with child window and dialog box in WPF Let us assume there is a requirement, On click event of button, a new child window should open. While child window is open, the ......
    Blogs »  Debug Mode
    Dhananjay Kumar   Posted on Oct 5 2010 2:34PM
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    Removing .SVC from WCF REST Service

    When we call a service , we call it using the extension of the service. For example , if we are calling a WCF service in the service URL .SVC extension is visible. If we want to remove this extension from the service URL , we will use HTTP Module. This article is going to show how we can achieve th......
    Blogs »  Debug Mode
    Dhananjay Kumar   Posted on Sep 20 2010 2:33AM
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