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My technology blog on SQL Server, TSQL, XML, FILESTREAM and other areas of SQL Server.
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SQL Server book from Pinal Dave

Aug 8 2011 9:52AM by Jacob Sebastian   

Pinal Dave is an inspiration for a large number of SQL Server professionals all over the world. He is a great teacher who knows how to explain any complex stuff in very simple words and examples that everyone understands. That is the reason why his blog is considered to be one of the best source of reference for SQL Server related stuff.

Pinal’s blog has helped thousands of people learn SQL Server. Very often I end up on his blog when searching for some SQL Server stuff online. He is a great teacher, who is always willing to travel to any extend if requested to present in a SQL Server group. He has done a large number of SQL Server training sessions and workshops all over India and US.

I was not surprised when Microsoft picked him and gave him the role of SQL Server Evangelist. They are known for acquiring the ‘best’, no matter whether it is a company, product or a person. Vinod Kumar, Microsoft evangelist and a mentor and role model for many of us, has already set up a very high standard for anyone following his foot steps. And then the experts at MS picked the right person and put him in the right place for the benefit or the entire SQL Server community in India. That gives us a lot of reasons to smile.

SQL Programming Joes 2 Pros

Pinal has been teaching the SQL Server community in a number of ways. In addition to regular blog posts, he has been contributing a lot in the form of Web casts, Presentations, workshops etc. And finally, to add sweet to the dessert, he announced a SQL Server book which has made many of us quite happy and proud. I am very excited and waiting for my copy of the book, which he promised is on the way!

Get your free copy of “SQL Programming Joes 2 Pros”

Pinal has announced a contest on his blog where he will give away 70 copies of his book for free. He is writing a 35 days series of blog posts where he shares a number of SQL Server tips and tricks that you can apply in your day-to-day SQL Server life. To get a copy of the book, all you need to do is to read his posts carefully and answer a few simple questions. Once done, wait for the postman or courier boy to knock your door and deliver you a printed copy of the book.

I would like to invite everyone to read the series. Whether you win a free copy of the book or not, it is guaranteed that you will certainly learn quite a lot from the series. Thank you Pinal for writing this book and giving us yet another reason to be proud of your achievements!


Jacob Sebastian
1 · 100% · 32235



  • Thank you so much for your kind words Jacob.

    I remember your first book - Art of XSD - I now learned how much efforts goes in writing a book.

    You are very kind and inspiration to many of us.

    Many thanks again!

    Pinal Dave

    commented on Aug 8 2011 2:05AM
    Pinal Dave
    154 · 1% · 326
  • Congratulations Pinal. It is good to see as one of the authors of the book. It is good that Jacob made it clear that you are one of the authors of the book.

    commented on Aug 8 2011 3:20AM
    2 · 40% · 13039
  • Pinal is great inspiration to SQL Server community. SqlAuthority is one of the best resource for Server reference all over the world. Even I personally refer his blog , I am sure anyone who works on sqlserver searches for the concepts his blog is the first that appears. He also contributed for MUGH sessions in Hyderabad. I know how difficult is to write a book. Congrats Pinal and I recommend that every Server developer should have this.

    commented on Aug 8 2011 3:21AM
    31 · 6% · 1776
  • I am one of the regular reader of Pinal's blog, never miss his any post in, how can I miss the book which has contribution of Pinal? I will buy it ASAP and have a look at it!!!!

    commented on Aug 8 2011 4:22AM
    Ritesh Shah
    76 · 2% · 747
  • Many congratulations, Pinal! This is HUGE!

    Rightly said, Jacob. Pinal has been an inspiration to many in the SQL Server community, and his posts are filled with a lot of information - mentioned much more simply than BOL!

    I look forward to reading (and taking part in the quiz) all of the 35 parts of the series. Great going!

    commented on Aug 8 2011 11:24PM
    Nakul Vachhrajani
    4 · 36% · 11648
  • woohoo! Pinal Sir never ceases to amaze me - he is like a magician with zillions of tricks under his belt, the best part: he helps us learn those tricks!

    commented on Aug 9 2011 7:30AM
    Paras Doshi
    17 · 10% · 3265
  • Hello Pinal,

    Many many congratulations to you. This great starting as Author and I wish you many more milestone ahead.

    Best Regards,


    commented on Aug 9 2011 8:42AM
    15 · 11% · 3548
  • Yet to read the book completely. But writing books is a commitment and it takes quite some doing. More importantly this is a mechanism to share your knowledge with the community.

    Just the effort that went behind this is commendable and wishing all the best Pinal for many more to come in the future.

    Regards, Vinod Kumar

    commented on Aug 13 2011 10:00AM
    471 · 0% · 84
  • Thank you Madhi - remember when we met first time - I had fun talking to you regarding T-SQL

    Hima - .Dot net has been always at your heart.

    Ritesh - Our friendship goes ways before many knows us - almost when I did not write my blog.

    Paras - I am focusing on SQL Azure now a days and keep on ending up on your blog.

    Nakul - I read your blogs regularly.

    Jalpesh - DotNetJaps - perfect name for DotNet blog and so much informative.

    Vinod Kumar - Anything I will write here for you will not be enough. You know everything - everything.

    Jacob - TY!

    commented on Aug 13 2011 10:14AM
    Pinal Dave
    154 · 1% · 326
  • Hello Pinal,

    Congratulations..this is a really great achievement..

    SQL is always been a first place where I look for some help..

    Eger to read the book..

    commented on Aug 14 2011 11:15AM
    Chintak Chhapia
    40 · 5% · 1477
  • I still remember your blog on "Full Text Search" , whenever I work on fulltext I would remember you. This book is a master's piece.

    commented on Aug 19 2011 4:03PM
    Robert Dennyson
    11 · 14% · 4430
  • hello pinal,

    Congratulation !!!. I have already got a book (4th one) by give. Now, i will purchase this book also. way of explanation is awesome.

    Thx Vinay

    commented on Oct 17 2011 8:06AM
    Vinay Kumar
    664 · 0% · 51
  • Hello Pinal, I am working as a SQL developer.Have just 5 months of exp,but I am handling the project. I am facing lot of problems.If any time I feel like difficulty first i look into your site. 90 out of 100 times i am getting correct solutions for my prob's. Thank you Pinal. I don't want to miss any blog or any book from you.

    commented on Feb 2 2012 4:41AM
    2826 · 0% · 4
  • Pinal Expecting more number of books and 60 seconds videos. I got two of his books from him (with his, Rick and Vinod's autograph). Thanks Pinal.

    commented on Feb 21 2012 9:07AM
    Manas Ranjan Dash
    39 · 5% · 1484

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