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Happy Birthday to TSQL Challenges and its younger sibling!

Feb 27 2011 11:01PM by Jacob Sebastian   

TSQL Challenges – 2nd Birthday Party!

TSQL Challenges is turning two years old today. We did the first TSQL Challenge two years ago - on 27th February 2009. In two years, TSQL Challenge has grown up with the help of several volunteers and TSQL enthusiasts who stepped in and selflessly helped. I have written a detailed post about this journey in one of my previous posts. It has been a wonderful journey with 50 challenges, 700 unique participants and over 3,500 solutions.

We invite all of you to the Birthday Party on The first course is a re-launched version of TSQL Challenge 1 which comes with a variety of birds, grains and fruits. You need to feed the birds with correct combination of food baskets before you move to your own dinner table. To move to the second course, you need to solve TSQL Challenge 1. To cater to the tastes all of you from different parts of the world, we have made it available in English, Korean, Chinese, Italian, French and Portuguese flavors. 

Meet the new born baby – PLSQL Challenges

Many people from the ORACLE world suggested that it is a good idea to re-run these challenges in PLSQL as well. This will help us to learn several interesting facts about other products. For example, such a comparison will tell us how easily you can solve a problem in ORACLE which is quite hard in SQL Server. Similarly, it will be quite interesting to know that a problem that is hard to solve in PLSQL can be easily solved in TSQL.

Keeping this in mind, we have been working on bringing up the PLSQL version of TSQL Challenges. You can find the first PLSQL Challenge here. I am quite hopeful that many of you will step forward and help this infant to grow up just like many of you did for TSQL Challenges. I look forward to hear your comments, suggestion and feed back through the PLSQL Challenge Discussion Thread.

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Jacob Sebastian
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  • Happy Birthday to TSQL Challenges

    commented on Feb 28 2011 1:20AM
    2 · 40% · 13039
  • Indeed! Many Happy Returns of the Day! Long live x-SQL Challenges!!

    commented on Mar 1 2011 12:19PM
    Nakul Vachhrajani
    4 · 36% · 11648

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