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My technology blog on SQL Server, TSQL, XML, FILESTREAM and other areas of SQL Server.
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PASS European Conference 2010

Apr 14 2010 5:08PM by Jacob Sebastian   

The PASS European Conference 2010 is just a week away and it is time for me to start packing my stuff so that I don’t have to run at the last hour.


Every PASS conference I attended have significantly contributed in enhancing my SQL Server skills. PASS Summit is not only for attending the presentations, but it is more of ‘living in the SQL Server world’ for a few days. You get to meet your favorite SQL Server authors, product team and those SQL Server heroes that you always wanted to meet and talk to.

Why am I so excited?

This is the first time I am attending the PASS EU 2010 conference. I have got a number of reasons for being very excited about it.

  1. Donald Farmer leading the launch of the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Community Tour and digging into the new release at a special full-day Microsoft R2 Launch Event at PASS European Conference.
  2. 45 technical sessions by the top SQL Server and BI experts in the industry and two deep-dive pre-conference seminars in addition to the R2 Launch Event.
  3. Face-to-face support from Microsoft developers, Customer Support Services (CSS), the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQLCAT), and MVPs in the SQL Server First-Aid Clinic. This opportunity alone is worth the price of attendance.
  4. Answers to your most pressing questions in the SQL Kitchen, where top-level MVPs can help you through the steps and ingredients to an effective solution.
  5. Unmatched networking with Microsoft and community leaders, MVPs, experts, and peers from Europe and around the world

Is that all?

No, there is one more reason for me to be very excited about PASS EU 2010. I am very fortunate to be one of the speakers in the PASS EU conference this year. I will be presenting on “Tips and Tricks for Generating XML Documents with specific structure and shape (uh..quite long title)

“Given the XML support in SQL Server, many applications tend to delegate the XML generation task to the database code. Though it is very easy to generate an XML document from the results of a TSQL query using FOR XML, most client applications will need the XML output in a certain structure and format which is often difficult to implement. This session will focus on explaining the tips and tricks for generating XML documents with the desired structure and format.”

Why should you attend PASS European Conference?

This Conference is all about sharing issues and solutions and gaining knowledge that will make you a better SQL Server professional and help you leverage SQL Server to improve your business. If you have not registered for the PASS European conference yet, you need to rush. Registration Page.

Are you coming?

If you are at PASS EU 2010 and see me around, feel free to interrupt me and I will be very happy to talk to you. I look forward to see many of you at PASS EU 2010.

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Jacob Sebastian
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