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Welcome to my blog. I work as Database lead at Synaptic Digital. Hope you find some interesting stuff here.
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String Concatenation/Aggregation in SSRS column or row group

Jan 8 2011 6:23AM by Chintak Chhapia   

Sometimes, we need to aggregate strings in SSRS designer. In situations, when we are using Report Model as data source this is very much needed.

There are many Aggregation functions available in SSRS, but to implement string concatenation/aggregation, we can’t directly use any of the provided function directly.  But, by using SSRS custom code and RunningValue aggregate function we can achieve this as shown below.

For reference the same report is attached herewith. You can find the report below.

Step-1 Create a dataset.
Note:-  This example is just created to simulate the situation.

DECLARE @tab TABLE ( id INT, name NVARCHAR(100), phoneNumber NVARCHAR(100)) 
INSERT INTO @tab (id,name,phonenumber) 
, (1,'Sachin','26612345' ) 
, (2,'Rahul','99922299922') 
, (2,'Rahul','1234567890') 
, (2,'Rahul','234561234') 

SELECT , ,a.phoneNumber FROM @tab a

Step-2 Create a report with RowGrouping on ID.

Step-3 Add custom code

Dim Num As Integer = 0 
Dim tempstr As String = "" 
Function AggregateString(ID as Integer, PhoneNumber as String) 
If ID = Num Then 
    tempstr = tempstr + "," + PhoneNumber 
    Num = ID 
    tempstr = PhoneNumber 
End If 
Return tempStr 
End Function

Step-4 Add colum with following expression


Step-5 Run Report.
Here, we can see the concatenated rows as shown in below.

 string aggregation


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Chintak Chhapia
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  • Hi, This was a nice read. Hit on the nail for my requirement. However I have a question, as in the example you gave suppose if we have duplicate numbers for a person then how do we deal with this?

    commented on Jun 15 2012 3:44AM
    3162 · 0% · 2
  • In that case it will display number two time, however I think we can tweak the function to ignore duplicates..

    commented on Jul 25 2012 7:58AM
    Chintak Chhapia
    40 · 5% · 1477

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"String Concatenation/Aggregation in SSRS column or row group" rated 5 out of 5 by 2 readers
String Concatenation/Aggregation in SSRS column or row group , 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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