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Welcome to my blog. I work as Database lead at Synaptic Digital. Hope you find some interesting stuff here.
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Change color of column/bar in SSRS column/bar chart dynamically

Dec 7 2010 2:33AM by Chintak Chhapia   

As in previous post, we have added an average trend line to Column/Bar chart.

Now, suppose we want to change the colours of columns/bars such that, the columns below average should in different colour and columns having value above should be in other colour.

How to change the bar colour based on the some value has been documented here by Jason Thomas.

To find the average value, we can add report parameter Average and set the formula to =Sum(Fields!SalesAmount.Value,"SalesDetails") /  Count(Fields!MonthNumber.Value,"SalesDetails")


So,  As per above mentioned post,  we need to select the SalesAmount series in chart and add a following expression for Color property.

=iif(Sum(Fields!SalesAmount.Value) > Variables!Average.Value,"SeaGreen","Maroon")

Now, when we preview the report, we can get following chart

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Chintak Chhapia
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