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Welcome to my blog. I work as Database lead at Synaptic Digital. Hope you find some interesting stuff here.
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Chintak's Blog

Welcome to Chintak's Blog

Chintak Chhapia
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    Reporting Services Log Analyzer

    SSRS engine logs the details of report execution log in ReportServer database and logs the and logs details of any error into log files. Now, we have tool by which we can quickly analyze both logs, this can be downloaded from
    Blogs »  Chintak's Blog
    Chintak Chhapia  Posted on Mar 15 2011 5:34PM
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    T-SQL Quiz March,2011

    I hope you are aware of the t-sql quiz 2011. This has been started from 1st of this month. But, If you have not started taking part in this, I recommend we should start taking part in this. There are many reasons for taking part in this, but some of them are - <span style="font-fa......
    Blogs »  Chintak's Blog
    Chintak Chhapia  Posted on Mar 13 2011 7:55PM
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    Simple VS Searched CASE expression

    As we know, we can write case expression in SQL in two ways. As per BOL, defination of these two diffrent formats of CASE expression: - The simple CASE expression compares an expression to a set of simple expressions to determine the result.- The searched CASE expression evaluates a set of Boolea......
    Blogs »  Chintak's Blog
    Chintak Chhapia  Posted on Feb 7 2011 5:42PM
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    SSRS Connection Problems

    <p>When we setup new SSRS from configuration editor, many times initially we are not able to connect to SSRS report server or report manager URLs. We get login credential keeps appearing when access the Report Server site or Report manager blank page. I have seen this question frequently in forum a......
    Blogs »  Chintak's Blog
    Chintak Chhapia  Posted on Feb 5 2011 12:00AM
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