Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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    Generating QR codes in SSRS

    <p align="justify"><font color="#000000" size="2">Over the short span of my career, I have seen many people get burnt out and change their careers from technology to some other field. It is easy to get disillusioned with a job that requires you to sit on a chair the entire day and "code" t......
    Blogs »  Some Random Thoughts
    Jason Thomas  Posted on Oct 9 2011 11:58PM
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    Fun with Square braces

    Square braces in SQL Server play a major role in T-SQL programming. When an object name contains a space, special character, etc, the only way to express them is to put them around squre braces. Consider that you want to create a table user master (with spaces between user and master), you can use [u......
    Blogs »  Madhivanan's TSQL Blog
    Madhivanan  Posted on Feb 20 2012 12:00AM
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