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This problem is all about identifying all the employees directly or indirectly to whom the given Employee reports to. The challenge is to write a query that can take a Employee Id as a parameter and list all the employees to whom the Employee is reporting, directly or indirectly.

TSQL Beginners Challenge 17- Working with Employee hierarchical structures

Solution to TSQL Beginners Challenge 17

Jun 9 2011 4:39AM by Zibi   

Solution to TSQL Beginners Challenge 17

;with cte01 as (--split xml into table		
    SELECT EmpId=R2.value('data(./@EmpId)', 'int')
          ,EmpName=R2.value('data(./@EmpName)', 'varchar(max)')
          ,ReportsTo=R2.value('data(./@ReportsTo)', 'varchar(max)')
    FROM @Employees  cross apply EmpRecord.nodes('//Employee') as B(R2)
, cte02 as (
  select EmpId, EmpName, ReportsTo, Stack=Empname,Lev=1
  from cte01 where EmpId=@EmpId
  union all
  select C1.EmpId, C1.EmpName, C1.ReportsTo, C2.Stack+'/'+C1.EmpName, Lev=C2.Lev+1
  from cte02 C2 join cte01 C1 on C1.EmpId=C2.ReportsTo
, cte03 as (
select EmpId
       ,rn=row_number() over (order by Lev desc)-1
from cte02
select Level=rn
       ,Hierarchy=replicate(' ', rn)+Empname 
from cte03 order by rn      


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