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ASP.NET - What are different types of caching available?

Jan 24 2012 7:22PM by Ramireddy   


In ASP.NET, what are the different types of caching that are supported?


  1. Page Output Caching - Entire page output is cached. When the request is generated first time, it will be executed and output will be cached. Next time the request came for same page, it will be accessed from cache
  2. Page Fragment Caching - Part of page only will be cached. In general in a webpage, top and left parts of webpage will be static with site logo,menu etc. So, here we can cache the top and left parts of webpage. This is called Page Fragment caching
  3. Data Caching - Data used in web page also can be cached. For example, administrator users information of a webpage hardly will be changed. We can cache the data and use it for subsequent requests. We can use the default ASP.NET application cache for this and set dependencies like File based,time based etc.

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