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SQL Data Compare is the industry-standard tool for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database contents.

SQL Data Compare

Redgate SQL Data Compare

Compares and synchronizes SQL Server database contents

SQL Data Compare is used for automating data migrations, analyzing corrupted data, restoring row-level data from backups, compiling audit trails of missing or changed data, and SQL scripts under source control. It's the industry standard tool for comparing and synchronizing the contents of two databases because it's very reliable and also very fast.


  • Compare the contents of two databases

  • Automatically synchronize your data

  • Work with SQL scripts, backups, or live databases

  • Row-level data restore


  • Comparison and synchronization of Microsoft SQL Server databases (2000 2008), eliminating hours of tedious, manual work

  • Comparison with backups – native and compressed backup formats of SQL Server 2008 in addition to the backup files of SQL Server 2000 and 2005, and Red Gate's SQL Backup.

  • Create, compare, and synchronize scripts folders, making it easier to keep databases under source control.

  • Fast Row Level Restore of damaged or missing data.

  • Comparison on primary keys and unique indexes so you have the flexibility to define identical rows.

  • Custom comparison keys so you can compare databases based on any field.

  • Support for indexed views so you can view data differences on views as well as tables.

  • 'Pivot-view' difference navigation displays row data as columns for rapid identification and selection of data for synchronization.

  • Option to transport CLR data types as text or binary for increased speed.

  • Mapping allowing you to compare tables, views, or even whole schemas, with different naming allowing for total flexibility.

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