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EspressChart is the premier Java charting package for SQL Server databases. Using the robust API, and Chart Designer interfaces, users can easily generate many highly customizable charts that support a range of Statistical features. Charts are easily integrated in Web and/or application content, and can be rendered in applets and images (GIF, JPEG, Animated Flash, SVG).


Quadbase EspressChart

The explosive growth of Web technologies and the resultant glut of new information has fundamentally changed the way in which data is presented and delivered. Companies that have rushed to embrace new technologies now find that users expect Web applications to be vehicles for high-value, up-to-the-minute business information as well. To address these new information needs, Quadbase Systems provides powerful Web-delivered reporting, charting and dashboard tools. They allow users to easily develop and deliver interactive, actionable information presentations. From the simple output of application data, to enterprise scale reporting to KPI dashboards to ad-hoc query and analysis, Quadbase solutions are up to the task.

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