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  • ClipTable

    Created 4 Years ago
    Import *ANY* tabular data, from any source, into a SQL table
    2419 · 0% · 5
  • Idera SQL comparison toolset

    Created 5 Years ago
    A set of products that perform object and data comparison, as well as synchronization. No need to purchase two separate products…get both in a single SQL comparison bundle.
    Jacob Sebastian
    1 · 100% · 32235
  • Diana Lite

    Created 5 Years ago
    we came up with a whole new way to manage all your database entities: from time-saving ways to find what you’re looking for, to tracing errors and warnings in your SQL and tackle problems before they even happen, Diana Lite is not just all that SSMS lacks: its a brand new way to work with your database. Join the thousands who are already hooked… it’s still 100% free!
  • Idera SQL virtual database

    Created 5 Years ago
    A powerful, revolutionary new solution that lets you attach SQL Server backup files and query them just like they were real databases without having to waste time or storage restoring the database.
    Jacob Sebastian
    1 · 100% · 32235
  • Idera SQL Safe backup

    Created 5 Years ago
    Idera’s SQL safe backup provides a high-performance SQL backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server. SQL safe backup saves money by reducing database backup time by up to 50% over native backups and reducing backup disk space requirements by up to 95%.
    Jacob Sebastian
    1 · 100% · 32235
  • Universal Data Access Components

    Created 4 Years ago
    Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) is a library of nonvisual cross-database data access components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C++Builder, and Lazarus, supporting Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. UniDAC provides access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server,MySQL, InterBase, Firebird, PostgreSQL,SQLite, DB2, DBF, Microsoft Access,SyBase Advantage Database Server, SyBase Adaptive Server Enterprise and other.
    718 · 0% · 46
  • EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server

    Created 5 Years ago
    EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server is a high performance graphical tool for Microsoft SQL Server database development and administration. It makes creating and editing MS SQL Server database objects easy and fast, allows you to run SQL scripts, manage SQL server users and their privileges, build SQL queries visually, work with metadata, export and import database data and more.
    56 · 3% · 1047
  • EMS DB Extract for SQL Server

    Created 5 Years ago
    EMS DB Extract for SQL Server is a tool for creating SQL Server database backups in a form of SQL scripts. This utility allows saving metadata of all database objects and SQL Server table data as database snapshots. Flexible customization of the extract process enables you to select objects and data tables for SQL Server database dump and tune many other options.
    56 · 3% · 1047
  • DTM DB Stress

    Created 5 Years ago
    DTM DB Stress is a utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and database applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves. The program is useful for any information system developer or any QA department employee.
    56 · 3% · 1047
  • EaseUS® Todo Backup Advanced Server 3.0

    Created 5 Years ago
    EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server is the Windows Server backup and disaster recovery for both physical and virtual Windows Server environments. It provides powerful server data backup & recovery features such as fast system & files backup, disaster recovery, Exchange/SQL Server backup & recovery, advanced backup scheduler and universal restore. It will simplify both basic and advanced server backup & recovery management while minimizing server downtime as well as ensuring business continuity.
    1436 · 0% · 15
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