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Getting Started with Photoshop

Getting Started with Photoshop - Part 7: More texture, Spot Healing

Aug 9 2012 12:00AM by nmarketti   

Let's add a little more texture to the overall whole document. Let's use our Scratch.jpg texture for this one. To start, again create a new group called Top Texture , and place this texture in the group like we did before.

Go to File > Place and select the scratch.jpg texture. It will be centered on the canvas. Hit enter.

scratch texture

Now go to Edit > Transform > Scale and scale this image vertically like before, and stretch it from the top left corner to make it fill the canvas.

edit scale

It will look like this, but I want more detail on the middle

scale output

Drag it upwards so the detail is more centered, now it should look like this.

scale output 2

Set it's blending mode to Color Burn, and set it's opacity to 45%

blending mode color burn

If you notice on the bottom right, you see this brighter area which we want to get rid of, also there is some deep scratches that we also don't want to be so obvious. To do this we are going to use our Spot Healing Brush tool. Select your tool, and make you brush size about 90px, hardness 50% and set leave your spacing to default

spot healing brush tool

brush size hardness spacing

What you'll want to do now is brush over these spots in red

brush over

It should now look like this:


145 · 1% · 345


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