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This tutorial will help you to get started with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Getting Started with SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

Getting Started with SSRS - Part 5 - Deploying a report to the Server

Dec 6 2011 12:00AM by Karthikeyan Anbarasan   


In our earlier articles, we have seen how to design a report and connect to the database to pull out the values based on the requirement to be shown in the report. Also, we have seen the configuration section on how to configure the SQL Server Reporting Services manually by providing the Report Server name. In this article, we will cover how to deploy the application to the SQL Report Sever and access it online using the web browser.


To start deploying a report to the server first we need to design and develop a report based on the requirement. Since we have already prepared some samples from the earlier articles, we will be using the Part 2 sample and start deploying to the server gradually.

Once we have opened our project, we can see the design in the IDE as shown in the screen below.

Launched Report Designer Window

Now we are ready with the design. Since we need to publish the report to the server, click on the ‘solution explorer project name’ and right click to select the Deploy option as shown in the screen below.

Selecting the Report Deployment

Once we click on the Deploy button, the Visual Studio starts deploying the application report to the server and we can see the status from the output window as shown in the screen below.

Status of the Report Deployment Process

Once the report is deployed to the server we can see the output message indicating that the deploy is completed and we can access the report as shown in the screen below.

Deployed status of the Report

Once we are done with the deploy, in order to access the report just copy the path from the output window of the Visual Studio IDE. This path will be the server path to access the list of reports as shown in the screen below.

Deployed path of the Report

Copy and paste the URL on to the browser and navigate through the URL. This will allow us to see the list of projects deployed as shown in the screen below.

List of projects deployed in Report Server

In this article, we have deployed the Part2sample application so click on the Part2Sample project. It will navigate to the next page where we can see the report name listed (Report1) as shown in the screen below. Similarly, for all the other projects we can see the report listed in the respective folder.

Deployed project in the server

Clicking on the report name (Report1) we can see the report being generated in the web browser with the complete formatting along with the data as shown in the screen below.

Report accessed from the server

Conclusion Therefore, in this article we have seen the options to deploy the report on to the reporting server to access it online across the client.

Karthikeyan Anbarasan
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  • I am able to view the page at Report Manager url (http://xxx_pc:80/Report/Pages/Folder.aspx) but not in Web Server url (

    this page is asking for credentials


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"Getting Started with SSRS - Part 5 - Deploying a report to the Server" rated 5 out of 5 by 8 readers
Getting Started with SSRS - Part 5 - Deploying a report to the Server , 5.0 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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