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Sql Server - 'GO N' clause will repeat batch N Times

Sep 1 2011 9:44AM by Sandeep Prajapati   

In SQL Server, 'Go N' will execute the bunch of commands within the batch 'N' times

Create Table #Temp(SerialNo int identity Primary key, Product varchar(500))

Declare @Product varchar(500)='Mouse'
insert into #Temp(Product)
select @Product
GO 20

select * from #Temp
drop Table #Temp
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Sandeep Prajapati
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  • To be more accurate, If the batch separator in SSMS is configured as "GO" then SSMS will execute the given TSQL statement "N" times if it is followed by "GO N".

    Keep in mind that, GO is not a SQL Server command. It is just a separator that SSMS uses it. Also, remember that you can change the batch separator from GO to something else too.

    commented on Sep 1 2011 9:59AM
    Jacob Sebastian
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  • Thanks jacob for specification.

    I didn't know about Batch separation configuration in SSMS.

    Thanks Paresh Prajapati. for great example.

    commented on Sep 1 2011 1:21PM
    Sandeep Prajapati
    62 · 3% · 926
  • This feature started with SQL Server 2005.

    commented on Sep 2 2011 4:41PM
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"Sql Server - 'GO N' clause will repeat batch N Times" rated 5 out of 5 by 15 readers
Sql Server - 'GO N' clause will repeat batch N Times , 5.0 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
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