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SQL Server - How to find Page Life Expectancy Counter?

Jun 19 2011 1:26AM by Ramireddy   

Page Life Expectancy counter will indicates how many seconds in average, a page is in the bufferpool.

If this value is higher, it means that page stays more time in the bufferpool and most of queries are requesting a page, which is already available in buffer pool. This is good indication for performance.

If this value is less, it means that page stays very less time in bufferpool and most of your queries are requesting a new page, which is not in bufferpool. This is not a good indication for performance.

You can use below query to find out the number of seconds the page in average, in bufferpool. Recommended value is minimum of 300.

SELECT [object_name], [counter_name],[cntr_value]
FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters
WHERE [object_name] LIKE '%Manager%' AND [counter_name] = 'Page life expectancy'
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  • Here's a tip for all readers which is based out of personal experience. We use a lot of virtualization, and we often notice that servers start responding unusually slow to our queries. Once when that happened, we looked at the PLE values, and they had fallen sharply. Later we came to know that our IT started off a whole bunch of guest systems on the same host at the same time causing unexpected memory pressure. Ever since then, whenever our VMs are slow, we look at the PLEs and upon investigating find that some or the other memory-intensive operation is ongoing on the physical host.

    Moral of the story - this counter is very, very important in virtualized environments.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Nakul Vachhrajani

    Be Courteous. Drive responsibly.

    commented on Jun 21 2011 11:40AM
    Nakul Vachhrajani
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  • Thank you Nakul for sharing your experience......

    commented on Jun 21 2011 12:20PM
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