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Print screen for Remote Desktop

Feb 20 2013 12:00AM by Himani   

Earlier on Beyondrelational I read a tip, for the same topic. combination of keys Shift + Print screen, allows us to take screen shot of Remote Desktop. But recently I faced problem using these keys. It allowed taking print screen only once. Every other time, it comes up with the first screen shot i took. Solution I found was : Start menu -> Accessories -> Accessibility -> On-Screen Key board. On the keyboard that pops up, use the keys : alt + printscreen + enter. This has solved my issue, I can take as many screen shots as I want for Remote desktop

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  • HI Himani,

    Nice tip.

    Thanks for sharing your Thoughts.

    commented on Feb 22 2013 4:26AM
    Bala Krishna
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  • Why wouldn't you use the Snipping Tool that ships within Windows? This way you can do screen capture from within the RDP session, outside the RDP session, or both.

    commented on Feb 22 2013 2:13PM
    Marc Jellinek
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  • From link text CTRL-ALT-NUMPADPLUS should also work, but I did not get it working. I know CTRL-ALT-END eg works for CTRL-ALT-DEL

    Original Combination    RDP                       Combination Description 
    ALT-TAB                 ALT-PAGE_UP               Switch programs from left to right 
    ALT-SHIFT-TAB           ALT-PAGE_DOWN             Switch programs from right to left 
    ALT-ESC                 ALT-INSERT                Cycle through open apps 
    PRNT_SCRN               CTRL-ALT-<NUMPAD_MINUS>   Screenshot of desktop 
    ALT_PRNT_SCRN           CTRL-ALT-<NUMPAD_PLUS>    Screenshot of active window 
    CTRL-ESC                ALT-HOME                  Open Start Menu 
    ALT-SPACE               ALT-DELETE                Open active window System Menu 
    N/A                     CTRL-ALT-PAUSE            Full Screen/Window Mode Toggle
    commented on Feb 24 2013 1:28PM
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  • @Mark, I had to use this work around, because, print screen was disabled on RDP and also snipping tool was not installed.

    commented on Feb 25 2013 12:25AM
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