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Hide Databases from SSMS

Mar 14 2013 12:00AM by Alpesh Patel   

We can easily restrict the access of database using Logins but to hide it's tough.

SQL Server has feature to hide all databases from SSMS.

To do that follow the steps.

  1. Create or Go to Property of existing Login.
  2. Move to Securable tab.
  3. In permissions grid check deny in line of "View any database"
  4. Login using that user.
  5. See you will not see any database
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Alpesh Patel
36 · 5% · 1662



  • Good tip. Just keep in mind that it won't help if someone has "SA" privs. In other words, you can't use this to hide databases from most DBAs or other system admins.

    commented on Mar 14 2013 2:54PM
    Jeff Moden
    161 · 1% · 306
  • Since you can no longer see any databases, can you grant permission to view/list individual databases?

    After denying "view all databases", I can't see any databases other than master and tempdb. Opening a new query, I can explicitly issues "USE [HiddingDatabase]" and successfully issue queries. But I'd like to see [HiddenDatabase] show up in the Object Explorer.

    commented on Mar 14 2013 11:37PM
    Marc Jellinek
    96 · 2% · 586
  • Good tip....

    commented on Mar 15 2013 12:16AM
    Nirav Gandhi
    38 · 5% · 1567
  • How can we Hide the databases user wise?

    commented on May 30 2013 12:25AM
    Nirav Gandhi
    38 · 5% · 1567
  • @Nirav I think this could be achieved by "Contained Database".

    commented on Aug 24 2013 12:07AM
    Shivendra Kumar Yadav
    61 · 3% · 936

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