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16 bit apps are not supported in 64 bit windows

Apr 30 2012 12:00AM by Manas Ranjan Dash   

Read this in MSDN - 16-bit applications are not supported on 64-bit Windows as there is no 16-bit WOW(Windows On Windows) subsystem. Therefore 16-bit applications will need to be replaced with 32-bit or preferably 64-bit compatible versions. 64-bit Windows provides a subsystem called WOW64 that provides emulation for 32-bit applications.

I am putting this in Justlearned section and expecting some more comments and new stuff around this.

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Manas Ranjan Dash
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  • This tip is really interesting because too many people don't know it. I know some of them who are angry to have to "rewrite" their applications in 32 or 64-bits ( but they were among the ... people who prefered Windows Millenium to Windows 2000 Pro only because of the presence of Pro ). I am hesitating to write an interesting tip or an useful tip ( the second one seems me to be better )

    commented on May 1 2012 5:51AM
    Patrick Lambin
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  • Its true that native Win64 does not support 16 bits apps, and that started with Windows xp64. But at leat under Windows 7 you can use the "Virtual XP mode" to run your 16bit apps. However, this is not supported on server systems and the smaller editions of Windows7...

    commented on May 3 2012 3:13AM
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  • I haven't seen a 16-bit application in at least 10 years. Is anyone out there still running 16-bit apps?

    If written in a language like Visual Basic (VB 4.0 was the last version to support compiling 16-bit apps), the application will have to be re-written in a more modern language. It's possible to recompile using VB 5 or VB 6 (if you can find a copy) with minor changes. Note that VB 4.0 was released in 1995... 17 years ago.

    If written in ANSI-compliant C, any 32-bit C compiler should work with minor changes.

    This assumes you can locate the source code.

    commented on May 10 2012 6:30AM
    Marc Jellinek
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"16 bit apps are not supported in 64 bit windows" rated 5 out of 5 by 9 readers
16 bit apps are not supported in 64 bit windows , 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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