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SCOPE_IDENTITY() sometimes returns incorrect value

Mar 6 2012 12:00AM by Guenter   

When using INSERTs on large tables (> 1 millon rows), the SCOPE_IDENTITY() or @@identity functions sometimes return wrong results.

(This was NOT supposed to be fixed in SQL Server versions older than 2012!)

Update: It seems the problem has been fixed in SQL2008 R2 SP1 CU5 (see I have not checked it yet, as in my company CU's are not widely used (because of internal complexity caused by it). Thanks to Johan Bijnens pointing that out.

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  • This really worries me! Why do you think 'sometimes' it works and 'sometimes' it doesn't.

    Do you insert just ONE row immediately followed by set @i=@@identity?

    How do you access the database when this happens? Can you reproduce it in Management Studio. Or is it happening via something like JDBC or .NET?

    commented on Mar 6 2012 3:29AM
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  • Apparently Cumulative Update 5 for SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 has a fix for this bug ... It's been known for ages @@identity should be avoided and scope_identity() is more stable.


    Worth the test.

    commented on Mar 6 2012 5:01AM
    Johan Bijnens
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  • Here are two causes of incorrect scope_identity() values as reported at Microsoft Connect. As far as I can tell, If you avoid these you should be okay:

    @Johan - it's not an issue of @@identity vs. scope_identity(). Both can give the wrong value.

    commented on Mar 6 2012 11:23AM
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  • I have used ident_current function and it did not gave wrong value any time.

    commented on Mar 9 2012 11:47PM
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  • Till now i dont get any issues with ident_current, possibly i need got more experience...grt guys...

    commented on Mar 13 2012 4:03PM
    Robert Dennyson
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