Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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    SSRS - Repeat table header on each page

    Show table header in each page follow this steps.. 1) in the grouping pane, click on the small triangle (Near "Column Groups") and select "Advanced Mode" to show static members. 2) Now select "static" and set **RepeatOnNewPage** to true for repeatin...
    SQL Server Tips
    Alpesh Gorasia  Posted on Feb 16 2012 12:00AM
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    Using HTML5 Web Storage in ASP.NET

    Haml5 Local storage (DOM storage) is such a nice feature for improve performance of data driven ASP.NET application Think of HTML5 local storage like browser cookies, but much better. Like cookies, local storage is persistent. ...
    Internet and Web Tips
    Kirti M.Darji  Posted on Feb 6 2012 12:00AM
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    Sargable vs Non-sargable

    I have always heard about the terms sargable and non-sargable but never really understood how they help in developing efficient sql code. Here is what I have found out... Try to avoid WHERE clauses that are non-sargable. The term “sargable” (which is i...
    SQL Server Tips
    vanne040  Posted on Feb 2 2012 12:00AM
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