Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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  • Enhancements to the Blogs module and blogger directory

    webmaster Posted 5 Years ago through Pages
    One of the enhancements we added a few months ago to the [Blogs module][1] is to display the TOP bloggers (by the number of followers and by the total number of likes) on the [Blog home page][2]. Initially we had the top 5 bloggers listed there and made...
  • New Enhancements to the “Just Learned” Module

    webmaster Posted 5 Years ago through Pages
    We have just added some significant enhancements to the Just Learned module. This post tries to give a brief overview of those changes. Associate a post with more than one section This is one of the most frequently requested feature on this module. Wi...
  • Split and update tax codes

    webmaster Commented 5 Years ago through Ask
    We moved this into TSQL Challenges ([TSQL Challenge 82 - Find elements that uniquely make up a group][1]) and I already see [some solutions][2] which you may like to check out. [1]: ...
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  • Problem with PHP tutorial

    webmaster Commented 5 Years ago through Ask
    The PHP Tutorial has not yet started. To get a notification when the tutorial starts, go to the [tutorial section][1], click on **Preferences** and select the desired notification options. [1]:
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  • Introducing the new ASK section

    webmaster Commented 5 Years ago through Pages
    Sudeep, Very good suggestion. We just enabled this feature for the ASK module. You can subscribe to the notification from the **preferences** link on the top. This options is turned off for the ASK module by default. ![ASK Section Subscription][1]...
  • #0189-SQL Server-Primary Keys without clustered indexes

    webmaster Commented 5 Years ago through Blogs
    Here is what happened: Originally, we had comments paging by 10 records. Then we saw that many posts are having more than 10 comments and then it becomes bit un-easy as a reader to look at the latest comments. So we increased the page size to 20. ...
    Nakul Vachhrajani
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  • Introducing the new ASK section

    webmaster Posted 5 Years ago through Pages
    We have recently migrated the 'ASK' section to the new platform. This post intends to give you a quick glance into a few changes/enhancements available in the new module. ![New ASK section][1] One of the key changes introduced with this change is tha...
  • XML Transformation

    aymawadi Question Received 5 Years ago through ASK
    Considering this table: create table xmlLinks (id int identity(1,1) not null primary key, info xml) And the below sample XML row: insert into xmlLinks (info) select 'Use the <ref type="file" id="c:/forms/eleave.doc">emergency vacatio...
    Webmaster .
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  • Just Blogged - Terms and conditions

    webmaster Posted 5 Years ago through Briki - The BR Wiki
    What is Just Blogged?"Just Blogged" is a module that allows bloggers to share their blogs posts with a wider range of readers. <div style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-style: normal; f...
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