Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Viral Sarvaiya
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My name is Viral Sarvaiya. I live in Ahmedabad, India. I blog at .  +Viral Sarvaiya
  • Difference Between LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework

    Viral Sarvaiya Posted 5 Years ago through Blogs
    In my current company we have discussion about what is the difference between LINQ to SQL Vs Entity Framework and I get following conclusion from the surfing from internet (off course from google. :) )<br><br>LINQ to SQL supports one to one mapping of d...
  • Comparison/Difference of IPv4 and IPv6

    Viral Sarvaiya Posted 5 Years ago through Blogs
    Key differences between IPv4 and IPv6.IPv4IPv6Source and destination addresses are 32 bits (4 ytes) in length.Source and destination addresses are 128 bits (16 bytes) in length.IPsec header support is optional.IPsec header support is required.No identif...
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