Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Sudeep Raj
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My name is Sudeep Raj. I live in Bangalore, India. I work as Team Lead at Accenture. I blog at .  +Sudeep Raj
  • How to connect Oracle-10g Database to SQL Server through SSIS?

    Sudeep Raj Commented 4 Years ago through Ask
    Hi Nirav, You need to use the ORACLE Provider to achieve this....
    38 · 5% · 1567
  • ssis

    Sudeep Raj Commented 4 Years ago through Ask
    Hi Sri, One option could be to write a complicated expression to derive this values. Other option could be that you use 1 derived column task and one lookup task to achieve this. In the derived column task extract Jan and one new column and 2011 a...
    116 · 1% · 449
  • SSIS - Dynamically set Flat File Connection Manager

    Sudeep Raj Commented 4 Years ago through Blogs
    Hi Pedero, This is not possible to do in one Data Flow Task. What you can do instead, is create multiple Data Flow Tasks for each connection you have(should not be many). Now based on the Flat file being processed use precedence constraint to execute...
  • ForEach Loop Container - Detailed Understanding

    Sudeep Raj Commented 4 Years ago through Ask
    Hi Chetan, I have been thinking to write a blog on this but am not finding the time. I will do it soon... Thanks for the reminder....
    1808 · 0% · 11
  • How to check value is a whole number or having decimal fraction in sql sever?

    Sudeep Raj Commented 5 Years ago through Just Learned
    Hi Maninder, Nice trick, Though the same can be achieved by just adding '.0' to the above expressions. No need of '.0e0'...
    2274 · 0% · 6
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