Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Sudeep Raj
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My name is Sudeep Raj. I live in Bangalore, India. I work as Team Lead at Accenture. I blog at .  +Sudeep Raj
  • SSIS - Load data from Multiple Excel Sheet into SQL Tables

    Sudeep Raj Commented 4 Years ago through Ask
    Hi Rihan, The links you chose will work only when the metadata of all the sheets are the same. Instead what you could do in inside the 2nd For each loop have 4 data flow tasks(DFT). One for each tab. Set them up separately. Now use a empty sequence c...
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  • Question of the month March 2013 - What is the fastest way to transfer data?

    Sudeep Raj Commented 4 Years ago through Blogs
    I would prefer to use SSIS Raw file to stage the data from prod, and then use these Raw files to restore the data to the other server. Using raw file is the fasted way to have a backup of the data in case of any failure we donot want to hit the prod...
    Madhivanan JR
    2 · 40% · 13039
  • SSIS - Split single row to Multiple rows

    Sudeep Raj Commented 4 Years ago through Blogs
    Store the value in a variable and map it in REadOnlyVariable in Script Task pop up. In the actual script you need to use it like: //Override the AcquireConnections Method to set up the connection once for the file. public override void AcquireCo...
  • ruuning same ssis package on two servers Parallely

    Sudeep Raj Commented 4 Years ago through Ask
    When is the Max id used for logging? Can you not have a package run after the load to do this logging?...
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  • Error with Derived Column component in SSIS

    Sudeep Raj Commented 4 Years ago through Ask
    Hi Emma, The date you are having is dd/mm/yyyy, which is not the right date time format. It will be better if you read I'd it as string, use findstring and substring functions instead. To cross verify see the output file created, are the dates a...
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