Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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36 years old
Manas Ranjan Dash
39 · 5% · 1484

Manas Ranjan Dash's Home

My name is Manas Ranjan Dash. I live in Bangalore, India. I work as PSE at TESCO. I blog at .  +Manas Ranjan Dash
  • Working with Service Broker for single database - SQL Server

    Manas Ranjan Dash Liked 4 Years ago through Blogs
    You may worked with Service Broker in SQL Server. I am just learned Service Broker and implemented practically with an examples which i evaluated. Before moving on it i would like to introduce service broker, not in the deep but having some overview. Se...
    6 · 23% · 7533
  • Conversation between Databases in SQL Server - Service Broker

    Manas Ranjan Dash Liked 4 Years ago through Blogs
    Recently I have posted for Service Broker for single database in which i have explained it with table history example and it was invoked within trigger. It was a for single database, here i will explain service broker for between databases. In earlier p...
    6 · 23% · 7533
  • #0212-SQL Server-Productivity tip-Open Object Explorer from the Query Editor

    Manas Ranjan Dash Liked 4 Years ago through Blogs
    While working on the query editor, I often find myself requiring to switch over to the Object Explorer window. In such cases, I use a little known, underappreciated feature hidden within the pop-up menu of the query explorer. Today, I share this SSMS pr...
    Nakul Vachhrajani
    4 · 36% · 11648
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