Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Phoenix, AZ
Sherry Li
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My name is Sherry Li. I live in Phoenix, USA. I blog at .
  • SSRS

    Sherry Li Commented 5 Years ago through Ask
    Hi Andyjo, To test out the SSRS report, you do not need to have a physical table in the database. When creating a DataSet in SSRS, simply add a select statement to the end of Chintak's create table script: select * from @t Althoug the table sta...
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  • Right Start to SSIS!

    Sherry Li Commented 5 Years ago through Ask
    Sanjay, Although there are many good books on SSIS, I don't own more than 3. For a beginner, I'd recommend the following book. This is the only Training Kit book I own. You do not need to prepare for the MCTS Exam to own this book. Through a serie...
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  • SSIS #113 - Querying SSAS Cube with MDX from SSIS

    Sherry Li Posted 5 Years ago through Blogs
    I worked on a SSIS package a few months back to retrieve data from a SSAS cube with MDX queries. A co-worker recently is developing a SSIS package to perform a similar task, but couldn’t get the SSIS package to work. The data flow was lost somewhere and...
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