Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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My name is sanjeeb.srjm.

    sanjeeb.srjm Posted 3 Years ago through Ask
    Dear Sirs/Mams,I am trying for FIFO Stock Valuation as follows, but not understanding how to do.Data Input Table:DocNo Date InnQty InnRate OutQty OutRate1 12/02 12 12.50 2 12/03 13 ? <...

    sanjeeb.srjm Liked 3 Years ago through Pages
    We wish to use these pages for publishing various documents, announcements, FAQ etc related to
    Jacob Sebastian
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  • Allocate Qty using FIFO Method in SQL Server 2008

    sanjeeb.srjm Commented 3 Years ago through Ask
    Dear Sir, I am impressed by this method but I think it's not like FIFO Result as First Out Cost of 5 Subsequent Sales Should be @5X115.20,@5X115.20,@10X118.30,@10X118.30,@15X200.30 afterward only for 100 Qty it should be (15*200.30+50*190.25+35...
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