Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Ramireddy - Quiz

  • SQL Server Quiz 2010 - Database Design - Foreign Keys

    Ramireddy Answered 7 Years ago through Quizzes | 5 Points
    1. Enable the data to store foreign languages that require Unicode data types No. These are not at all foreign keys.... There is no relation at all between foreign languages, Unicodes to foreign keys. 2. Should generally have non-clustered ...
  • SQL Server Quiz 2010 - Why do you use sparse columns?

    Ramireddy Answered 7 Years ago through Quizzes | 5 Points
    Answer: - The Main usage of sparse columns is as you already specified, “Space”. Sparse columns will follow an optimized storage format to store NULL values, which results in less space. Having less space will give the benefit of less scan cost an...
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