Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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46 years old

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My name is Ramdas.
  • TSQL Beginners Challenge 5 - Search the closest number in the series

    Ramdas Liked 6 Years ago through TSQL Beginners Challenges
    <p>This challenge has been taken from a forum. The challenge is all about searching the closest number in a collection of numbers. Let’s have a look into the sample data.</p>...
    Niladri Biswas
    7 · 21% · 6720
  • Adding breadcrumbs to your drillthrough reports

    Ramdas Commented 6 Years ago through Blogs
    Nice tip, Thank you...
    Jason Thomas
    19 · 9% · 2997
  • XQuery Lab 55 – Extracting values from XML elements that matches a string pattern

    Ramdas Commented 6 Years ago through Blogs
    Hi Jacob, In this example if i wanted to look for an integer value, how would i achieve it. Instead of Name say i had a element called ID and i wanted the value for ID = 20. could you let me know. Thank you Ramdas...
    Jacob Sebastian
    1 · 100% · 32235

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