Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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  • Executing SQL Script using SSIS from a file

    pinakee Asked 5 Years ago through Blogs | 10 Points
    I am having a folder containing 10 sql files each one having some select statements. My need is, using SSIS, to read sql files one by one from the folder and insert each sql output to a separate table. Please help....
  • NULL, NULL, NULL and nothing but NULL

    pinakee Commented 5 Years ago through Blogs | 1 Point
    Thanx a lot for the gr8 post....
    Madhivanan JR
    2 · 40% · 13039
  • SQL Server - Restore Full Database Backup from SSMS

    pinakee Commented 6 Years ago through Blogs | 1 Point
    Can you please describe how to Restore differential Database Backup from SSMS ?...
    6 · 23% · 7533

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