Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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37 years old
Niladri Biswas
7 · 21% · 6720

Niladri Biswas's Home

My name is Niladri Biswas. I live in Bangalore, India. I work as Technical Lead at HCL.
  • C# Interview Questions and Answers

    Niladri Biswas liked 6 Years ago through Interview Questions
    commonly asked C# interview questions and answers...
    52 · 4% · 1176
  • How to find a table when you don't know which database it belongs to?

    Niladri Biswas Liked 6 Years ago through Just Learned
    In this very short tip I'd like to share my solution to a yesterday quesiton in MSDN forum - how to find the database the table belongs to. I use my favorite idea of dynamically constructing a query using INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES view. [code] DECLARE
    Naomi Nosonovsky
    31 · 6% · 1776
  • TSQL Challenge 71 - Play mangled words game in TSQL

    Niladri Biswas Created 6 Years ago through Puzzles
    Many of you must have played the 'mangled words' game in the school. Here is a challenge that gives you an opportunity to play it once again using TSQL. Your task is to process the input table that contains several mangled words and try to 'un-mangle' the
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