Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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37 years old
Niladri Biswas
7 · 21% · 6720

Niladri Biswas - Puzzles

  • TSQL Challenge 73 - Implement Word Wrapping in TSQL

    Niladri Biswas Created 5 Years ago through Puzzles | 100 Points
    The challenge is to wrap the text by specified position. The key point is you are not allowed to break the word. When the wrapping position is in between the word, you should wrap the text by the space before the word. When the first word in sentence is
  • TSQL Challenge 71 - Play mangled words game in TSQL

    Niladri Biswas Created 6 Years ago through Puzzles | 100 Points
    Many of you must have played the 'mangled words' game in the school. Here is a challenge that gives you an opportunity to play it once again using TSQL. Your task is to process the input table that contains several mangled words and try to 'un-mangle' the
  • PLSQL Challenge 1 - Pair-wise and ordered assignment of objects from two different lists

    Niladri Biswas Commented 6 Years ago through Puzzles | 1 Point
    **What is the base database version? is it Oracle 10g** Also in Oracle we cannot start as *;With*. It has to be **With** only e.g. With Cte As ( ) is valid and not as ;With Cte As ( ) as far as I know.
    Jacob Sebastian
    1 · 100% · 32235
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