Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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37 years old
Niladri Biswas
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Niladri Biswas's Home

My name is Niladri Biswas. I live in Bangalore, India. I work as Technical Lead at HCL.
  • Dictionary pivoting in C#

    Niladri Biswas Posted 5 Years ago through Blogs
    Given a dictionary object as under Dictionary&tt;string, List> dictContinents = new Dictionary&tt;string, List>(); dictStr.Add("Asia", new List() { "India", "Pakistan", "Bangaladesh", "Singapore" }); dictStr.Add("Africa", new List() { "Uganda", ...
  • Get Selected/Highlighted Text from WPF ComboBox

    Niladri Biswas Posted 5 Years ago through Blogs
    Hi, I a recent requirement of mine, I had to choose only the text that has been highlighted/selected in a WPF combo box which is editable. e.g. Let us say we have a WPF combobox and a button as given below Now, we have written some text in th...
  • Invoke Silverlight Methods through Javascript

    Niladri Biswas Posted 5 Years ago through Blogs
    Introduction In this article, I will show how to invoke Silverlight methods from javascript. We will learn this by performing a simple calculator example with some basic arithmetical functionalities being expose. What we need to perform the experime...

    Niladri Biswas Liked 5 Years ago through Pages
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    Jacob Sebastian
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