Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Chennai, India
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Madhivanan's Home

My name is Madhivanan. I live in Chennai, India. I work as Lead Subject Matter Expert. I blog at .  +Madhivanan
  • Replacing exact words

    Madhivanan Posted 3 Years ago through Blogs
    A question was asked in a Facebook group. I am struck in a situation where I have to replace specific characters from a string in sql server.. This's simple but now the condition is, replace the only characters which are not tied with any other characte...
  • Identity insert error

    Madhivanan Posted 3 Years ago through Blogs
    create table identity_test(id int identity(1,1),first_name varchar(100)) insert into identity_test (first_name ) select 'Madhivanan' union all select 'Nilesh' select * from identity_test set identity_insert identity_test on insert into identit...
  • Dynamic PIVOT in SQL Server 2005

    Madhivanan Commented 3 Years ago through Blogs
    Hi sqlgator, can you remove alias names in the second and third parameters? Try the below exec dynamicpivot 'SELECT prov.PROVIDER, ids.providerid from dbo.Providers as prov left outer join dbo.providerIDS as ids on prov.provider = ids.PROVIDER', 'pro...
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