Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Chennai, India
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Madhivanan's Home

My name is Madhivanan. I live in Chennai, India. I work as Lead Subject Matter Expert. I blog at .  +Madhivanan
  • NULL on joined columns

    Madhivanan Liked 2 Years ago through Blogs
    You know that NULL values on joined columns are omitted from comparision when tables are joined Consider this example Declare @t1 table(col1 int, col2 varchar(10)) insert into @t1 select 1, 'test1' union all select 2, 'test2' union all select NULL,'...
  • Happy New Year

    Madhivanan Liked 2 Years ago through Blogs
    Set the result mode to text and run this query set nocount on select space(7-len(replicate(char(42),no)))+ replicate(char(42),no*2-1) from ( select top 5 row_number() over (order by name) as no from sysobjects ) as t union all select sp...
  • Compatibility Level of a database

    Madhivanan Liked 2 Years ago through Blogs
    When users migrate from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005, not all databases are set to Compatibility Level 90 which is required to make use of the newly available functions There are many methods to know the Compatibility Level of a database using ...
  • Find Alphanumerals only

    Madhivanan Liked 2 Years ago through Blogs
    Sometimes when you import data from other system, you may need to clean the data by removing unwanted data. Consider you import data where you want to keep only those which are purely alphanumerals. Here is a way to find out declare @table table(...
  • SQL_VARIANT datatype and behaviour changes

    Madhivanan Liked 2 Years ago through Blogs
    When you use sql_variant datatype in sql server 2000, and add data to a table using union all, it will work though datatype of data differs from each other declare @test table(variant_column sql_variant) insert into @test select 'test' union all ...
  • Row_number() Function with no specific order

    Madhivanan Liked 2 Years ago through Blogs
    Row_number() function is used to generate row number to rows based on the column which is ordered What if you want to generate row number without ordering any column Here is the method (Consider Suppliers table from northwind database) 1 Assign...
  • Converting Julian Date into Date

    Madhivanan Commented 2 Years ago through Blogs
    Jeff Moden It was in 2005 when I saw your good replies to the questions asked in . You almost answered to each and every question asked there. For some posts, I gave some alternate solutions and then we interacted each other. But it seem...
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