Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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  • Why does sp_who2 return duplicate columns?

    Madhivanan Liked 6 Months ago through Blogs | 1 Point
    I have already posted a blog post about the usage of sp_who2 in OPENROWSET function. It is not possible to use it because sp_who2 returns duplicate column names (SPID) In this post we will analyse why it returns duplicate columns The system procedure ...
  • Is there a Batch separator in Dynamic SQL?

    Madhivanan Posted 7 Months ago through Blogs | 10 Points
    As you know Batch separator(GO) in SQL Server is used to signal the end of batch of statements. However this will only work if the statements are static. In a dynamic SQL, batch separator will not work. Consider the static following statements SELECT T...
  • Data validation using TRY_CONVERT function

    Madhivanan Posted 7 Months ago through Blogs | 10 Points
    One of the new functions introduced in version 2012 is TRY_CONVERT which is very handy in validating data with respect to specific datatypes. In earlier versions you may need to use different approaches to validate data. Let us consider the following da...
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