Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Chennai, India
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  • Remove duplicate characters from a string

    Madhivanan Liked 4 Months ago through Blogs | 1 Point
    Pinal Dave in his weblog posted about Remove Duplicate Chars From String Here is its alternate method with Number table approach create procedure remove_duplicate_characters(@string varchar(100)) as Declare @result varchar(100) set @result='' se...
  • Extract only numbers from a String

    Madhivanan Liked 4 Months ago through Blogs | 1 Point
    Sometimes we may need to extract only numbers from a string. Usually I see people using while loop to check each and every character to see if it is a number and extract it Here is a different approach Declare @s varchar(100),@result varchar(100) set...
  • Finding out datatype of an expression or a variable

    Madhivanan Posted 5 Months ago through Blogs | 10 Points
    One of friends asked me if there is a way to identify the datatype of an expression or a variable. In SQL Server, you can make use of the function named SQL_VARIANT_PROPERTY. This function accepts a parameter of any datatype and return it's various prop...
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