Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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43 years old

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Leszek Gniadkowski
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Leszek Gniadkowski - Syndicated Blogs

  • How to Use Microsoft Access VBA to Save Data in the Registry

    Leszek Gniadkowski Liked 6 Years ago through Syndicated Blogs | 1 Point
    There are a number of reasons to write data to the registry such as saving the settings preferred by an individual user to storing an activation key or a demo version expiration date. But before we can save any values to the registry we ...
    98 · 2% · 568
  • Patrick Wood's Blog

    Leszek Gniadkowski Liked 7 Years ago through Syndicated Blogs | 1 Point
    A weblog about Microsoft Access Tips and Code Samples...
    98 · 2% · 568

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