Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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My name is Jalpesh. I blog at .
  • Delegates in c#

    Jalpesh Commented 5 Years ago through Blogs
    @Ramireddy- Yes people are so much confused. So that's why I have written that blog post...
  • Multicast delegates in c#

    Jalpesh Posted 5 Years ago through Blogs
    In yesterday’s post We learn about Delegates and how we can use delegates in C#. In today’s blog post we are going to learn about Multicast delegates. What is Multicast Delegates? As we all know we can assign methods as object to delegate and later on...
  • Delegates in c#

    Jalpesh Posted 5 Years ago through Blogs
    I have used delegates in my programming since C# 2.0. But I have seen there are lots of confusion going on with delegates so I have decided to blog about it. In this blog I will explain about delegate basics and use of delegates in C#. What is delegate...
  • Dynamically creating meta tags in mvc

    Jalpesh Posted 5 Years ago through Blogs
    As we all know that Meta tag has very important roles in Search engine optimization and if we want to have out site listed with good ranking on search engines then we have to put meta tags. Before some time I have blogged about dynamically creating meta...
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