Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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39 years old
Ahmedabad, India
Jacob Sebastian
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Jacob Sebastian's Home

My name is Jacob Sebastian. I live in Ahmedabad, India. I work as CTO at Excellence Infonet. I blog at .  +Jacob Sebastian
  • FILESTREAM and Database Transaction Isolation Levels

    Jacob Sebastian Posted 12 Months ago through Blogs
    FILESTREAM data can be accessed by TSQL as well as through the Win32/Managed APIs. Accessing FILESTREAM data using TSQL is not recommended for a number of reasons such as the inability to stream data when reading or writing through TSQL. The recommended...
  • sqlfilestream: "The process cannot access the file specified because it has been opened in another transaction"

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 12 Months ago through Ask
    What exactly is the procedure `usp_PhotoAlbumInsert` does? Probably posting the code inside this procedure will help to identify the problem area. The error message indicates that the row associated with the current FILESTREAM operation is locked by...
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  • Form XML through table joins

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 12 Months ago through Ask
    There are two parts in this query. 1. The part that joins your relational tables (based on your application specific logic) and produces the desired result set 2. The part that produces an XML document from the result set. When I wrote the pre...
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  • Form XML through table joins

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 12 Months ago through Ask
    May be this one? SELECT ( SELECT ckt.Name AS '@Type', ck.Name AS '@Name', cd.Value AS 'val', ( SELECT cl.Name AS '@cl', cu.Name AS '@cu', ch.Name AS '@ch', lb.Name AS '@lob', cd2.value AS 'dat...
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  • How to Update Data With 2 different Data source(Different Server) in SSIS

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 12 Months ago through Ask
    I do not have expertise in Oracle, but I believe you should be able to execute an UPDATE query on the ORACLE database from SSIS. Did you try this? Are you getting an error?...
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  • FOR XML EXPLICIT Tutorial – Part 4

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 12 Months ago through Blogs
    Pranay, Depending upon the complexity of the environment, there could be a number of different approaches you may want to select from. Based on what I understood from your post, I would suggest you use an SSIS script task to combine all the XML data ...
  • How to Bind Transaction Isolation Level with DB User ?

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 12 Months ago through Ask
    Mark, It looks like the logon trigger will be executed before the user session is created, so changing the isolation level from Logon trigger does not seem to change the isolation level after the connection is established. Chirag, I suppose yo...
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