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39 years old
Ahmedabad, India
Jacob Sebastian
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Jacob Sebastian's Home

My name is Jacob Sebastian. I live in Ahmedabad, India. I work as CTO at Excellence Infonet. I blog at .  +Jacob Sebastian
  • SQL Server Round Table 2 - July 13, 2013

    Jacob Sebastian Posted 12 Months ago through User Groups
    The next SQL Server Round Table meeting is scheduled on 13 July 2013. The focus area of the discussion will be around Performance Tuning. This discussion will cover Disk/IO configuration, SQL Server configuration, Schema/Storage optimization, TSQL Query...
  • Sending excel attachment thorugh database email. Text is being truncated in excel

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 1 Years ago through Ask
    are you able to create a short repro-script which demonstrates the problem? I can then run it on my side and see what exactly is happening....
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  • How to Bind Transaction Isolation Level with DB User ?

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 1 Years ago through Ask
    I was referring to changing the default isolation level of the database. I understand from your reply that it is not permitted in your environment. So I am not aware of a workaround which will help you to achieve the required result....
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  • SQL Server Round Table - May 11 2013

    Jacob Sebastian Posted 1 Years ago through User Groups
    It was a pleasure meeting you all during the SQL Server Round Table. Thank you for attending and triggering a very interesting discussion on TSQL Programmability features. <img src="" width="300" heig...
  • Help with insert and update triggers.

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 1 Years ago through Ask
    This is a basic template which may help you to get started CREATE TRIGGER MyTrigger ON MyTable AFTER INSERT, UPDATE AS BEGIN -- Values being inserted/updated can be found in virtual table INSERTED -- DO Your validation by reading values...
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  • SQL Server Round Table 1 - May 11 2013

    Jacob Sebastian Posted 1 Years ago through User Groups
    Ahmedabad SQL Server User Group is coming up with an opportunity to SQL Server enthusiasts to come together and participate in an in-depth discussion on various SQL Server features. Unlike the usual UG meetings, we will have less presentations and more ...
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