Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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39 years old
Ahmedabad, India
Jacob Sebastian
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  • Compare 2 Xml complex file data in SQL Store procedure

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 5 Days ago through Ask | 10 Points
    I once wrote a TSQL function that compares two XML files. Please see [this][1] post which may be helpful. The code in the above post was created for experimental purpose and I have not used it in any production environment. The performance may be terrib...
    38 · 5% · 1567
  • What are best practice to use Isolation Level?

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 5 Months ago through Ask | 10 Points
    I once wrote an article that attempted to explain this. I would recommend you read [Introduction to SQL Server Transaction Isolation Levels][1] along with any other resource you can find on this subject. [1]:
    38 · 5% · 1567
  • XQuery to find Elements in deferent structure

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 6 Months ago through Ask | 10 Points
    What do you mean by "xref count"? Are you looking for the count of XML elements that starts with "xref"? Are you looking for the values that contains "xref"? Please be more specific and mention what is the expected result based on the above input XML....
    1769 · 0% · 11
  • Local Temporally table's scope

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 7 Months ago through Ask | 10 Points
    In your example, the #temp table is created through the dynamic query. So the temp table is not visible to the outer part of the TSQL batch. In case the TEMP table is to be used in the dynamic query as well as in the static part, the temp table need to...
    60 · 3% · 936
  • Shred XML into SQL Server table

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 8 Months ago through Ask | 10 Points
    Tao, It looks to me that this can be solved by a recursive query. I found this to be an interesting scenario and though of including my solution in the [XQuery Labs][1] series of posts. I have posted it at [XQuery Labs 69-Writing a Recursive query that...
    1769 · 0% · 11
  • Needing to Join XML column in a Query

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 8 Months ago through Ask | 10 Points
    Here is an example that may be able to help you. DECLARE @t TABLE (Seq INT IDENTITY, data XML) INSERT INTO @t (data) SELECT ' true Valid 0
    1769 · 0% · 11
  • Can we Create sql server instance through script?

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 8 Months ago through Ask | 10 Points
    To create a new SQL Server instance, you need to install a new NAMED instance of SQL Server. This can be either done manually (through the Installation wizard) or in 'Unattended' mode using commandline. If you are looking for Unattended installation, th...
    369 · 0% · 109
  • 'Exec_FileDOCWORKSTranscription' failed : The ROLLBACK TRANSACTION request has no corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION.

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 8 Months ago through Ask | 10 Points
    It looks like an error occurs in your code after the COMMIT TRANSACTION is successfully executed. The CATCH block will catch your error. The first statement you have there is a ROLLBACK statement. Since the transaction is already committed, there is not...
    1206 · 0% · 21
  • Rupee symbol is not visible in PDF with Verdana font,

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 8 Months ago through Ask | 10 Points
    The UNICODE value of Indian Rupee is U+20B9. If you look at the Windows Character map, you can see that Verdana font does not have this symbol. So the recommended option is to use a different font to display the rupee symbol. Please note that, Verdan...
    1769 · 0% · 11
  • Regarding Data Base Backup

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 8 Months ago through Ask | 10 Points
    If you are running short of backup space, one option is to try compressed backups (assuming that you are using an edition/version of SQL server that supports backup compression or can buy/try a 3rd party [such as Redgate] product which allows you take c...
    880 · 0% · 33
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