Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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41 years old
Ahmedabad, India
Jacob Sebastian
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Jacob Sebastian's Home

My name is Jacob Sebastian. I live in Ahmedabad, India. I work as CTO at Excellence Infonet. I blog at .  +Jacob Sebastian
  • Compare 2 Xml complex file data in SQL Store procedure

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 3 Years ago through Ask
    I once wrote a TSQL function that compares two XML files. Please see [this][1] post which may be helpful. The code in the above post was created for experimental purpose and I have not used it in any production environment. The performance may be terrib...
    38 · 5% · 1567
  • What are best practice to use Isolation Level?

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 3 Years ago through Ask
    I once wrote an article that attempted to explain this. I would recommend you read [Introduction to SQL Server Transaction Isolation Levels][1] along with any other resource you can find on this subject. [1]:
    38 · 5% · 1567
  • XQuery to find Elements in deferent structure

    Jacob Sebastian Commented 3 Years ago through Ask
    What do you mean by "xref count"? Are you looking for the count of XML elements that starts with "xref"? Are you looking for the values that contains "xref"? Please be more specific and mention what is the expected result based on the above input XML....
    1809 · 0% · 11
  • Agile program language to deal with complex procedures

    Jacob Sebastian Liked 3 Years ago through Blogs
    Hadoop should not only be parallel, but also agile...
    97 · 2% · 582
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