Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Ahmedabad, India
Jacob Sebastian
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  • TSQL Challenge 58 - Playing Chess in TSQL – Part 1

    Let us play Chess with TSQL in this challenge. The input table contains strings that represent the layout of chess boards filled with pieces using Forsyth-Edwards Notation. Your job is to read the input string and generate a result set that represents the position of pieces in a chess board.
  • TSQL Challenge 29 - Reorganize sales data by sales amount

    This challenge presents a tough task of reorganizing the data in a sales table. The table is not normalized correctly and the sales detail data of three items are stored in each row. Your job is to reorganize the items in the table by sales amount (quantity * price). Reorganize the items from left to right, bottom to top. The item with the highest sales amount should come on top left of each invoice.
  • TSQL Challenge 25 - Appointments and Recurring Schedules

    This challenge presents a scheduleing problem related to recurring appointments. The task is to calculate and generate a list of appointments that are supposed to take place between two given dates. The calculation should be done based on the recurring configuration of each appointment. Each appointment has a 'Schedule Start Date' and 'Schedule End Date' and any occurrences that fall outside those dates should be ignored. When generating the appointments between two dates, consider the start date and end date of each appointment.
  • TSQL Challenge 4

    This is a simple challenge to write a piece of code that validates an SSN. The key here is to write “shortest” TSQL code that removes invalid SSN values and returns a result set with only valid SSN values.
  • TSQL Challenge 3

    the task is to reverse a string without using the REVERSE() function. What is wrong with the REVERSE() function? Nothing Really! As I mentioned earlier, this is to refresh your TSQL skills on set based operations. In real life, you should always use the REVERSE() function, if ever you need to reverse a string.

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