Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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My name is jablonov.
  • SSIS # 102 – Don’t be afraid to leverage TSQL in SSIS package

    jablonov Commented 6 Years ago through Blogs
    You can use OPENXML but why? Usually for small data sets or ad-hock tasks is SSIS good enough and it is faster do design than pure T-SQL. Then you go to large data sets and you need extraction, transfer and load optimization. For this task it is T-SQL ...
    Sherry Li
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  • SQL Server Quiz 2010 - Surrogate key vs Natural key

    jablonov Answered 7 Years ago through Quizzes
    The reasons are very good, but I cannot agree with Cons: *4. There will be problem if No.of records cross the Max.Value of Bigint(But its rare).* Bigint is 2^64, which is around 10^19 rows. If you just store 1byte per row you will have to store more...

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