Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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32 years old
Olga Medvedeva
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My name is Olga Medvedeva. I live in Bangalore, India. I work as Senior Software Developer. I blog at .  +Olga Medvedeva
  • Question of the month November 2013 - Why do some system functions require parenthesis and some do not require?

    Olga Medvedeva Commented 4 Years ago through Blogs
    As I know, ANSI SQL standard functions do not need parenthesis. CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, CURRENT_USER are functions declared in SQL standard, whereas functions like GETDATE(), NEWID(), RAND() are not a part of standard, they are vendor-specific...
    Madhivanan JR
    2 · 40% · 13039
  • #0283 - SQL Server - Fun with Temporary Tables – Named Constraints, Msg 2714, 1750

    Olga Medvedeva Liked 4 Years ago through Blogs
    Temporary tables have certain restrictions in their design and usage. One such restriction is around the use of named constraints, which can cause a user to land on errors - Msg 2714 and Msg 1750. Today, we look at the named constraint restriction on te...
    Nakul Vachhrajani
    4 · 36% · 11648
  • #0281 - SQL Server - T-SQL - Backslash breaks a long string into smaller ones

    Olga Medvedeva Liked 4 Years ago through Blogs
    Depending upon the IDE settings on the client workstation, a long line of text would either automatically wrap-around to a new line or continue in a single line forever, affecting the readability of the entire T-SQL query. I learnt recently that the bac...
    Nakul Vachhrajani
    4 · 36% · 11648
  • SQLBangalore UG Meeting 13th of July 2013

    Olga Medvedeva Posted 4 Years ago through Blogs
    One month passed from our last SQLBangalore user group meeting and today we had another one. And for me personally it was special meeting, because this time I was a speaker with 30 minutes session. Topics that were covered today:Amit Banerjee. SQL Serv...
  • #0278 - SQL Server - Why should you use SERVERPROPERTY('ServerName') over @@SERVERNAME?

    Olga Medvedeva Liked 4 Years ago through Blogs
    Both @@SERVERNAME and SERVERPROPERTY('ServerName') return similar results. Why then should one use the SERVERNAME property over the @@SERVERNAME configuration function?...
    Nakul Vachhrajani
    4 · 36% · 11648
  • Make capital letter the first character of each word in a sentence

    Olga Medvedeva Commented 4 Years ago through Blogs
    I've just tested and function did not work for me. Function returned NULL (tested on SQL Server 2008 R2)...
    51 · 4% · 1178
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