Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Phoenix, AZ
Sherry Li
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My name is Sherry Li. I live in Phoenix, USA. I blog at .
  • MDX+SSAS #37-Ignore unrelated dimension or not

    Sherry Li Posted 3 Years ago through Blogs
    In Adventure Works cube 2008 or 2012, in the Dimension Usage tab, you will see that many intercepts of measure groups and dimensions are blank. To a specific measure group, the dimensions that have blank intercepts are un-related to the measure group. A...
  • SSIS #116-What is the variable value at runtime?

    Sherry Li Posted 3 Years ago through Blogs
    Using variables in SSIS packages can make your ETL process more dynamic and respond to different scenarios during runtime. Not only we can use variables, we also have many different ways to set values for our variables. This is all good news for devel...
  • MDX #35 - Properties() function with TYPED flag

    Sherry Li Posted 4 Years ago through Blogs
    Reader Query My publisher recently forwarded me a question from a reader about the “Using the PROPERTIES() function to retrieve data from attribute relationships” section in Chapter 1 of the book “MDX with SSAS 2012 Cookbook”. “The following code seem...
  • SQL #52 - set statistics xml on

    Sherry Li Posted 4 Years ago through Blogs
    When tuning SQL queries, I find that I use the following three SET options quite often.  set showplan_xml on When showplan_xml option is ON for a session, the execution of SQL queries in the same session will only show the estimated execution pl...
  • MDX #32 - Vincent Rainardi’s blog

    Sherry Li Posted 4 Years ago through Blogs
    I came across Vincent Rainardi’s blog, and thought I’d share it with the readers. Sherry Li and Tomislav’s 2012 MDX Cook Book I’d also like to thank Vincent for writing up the review so quickly. I browsed through Vincent’s blog, and found that he au...
  • SQL #51 - Timeout when updating a big table

    Sherry Li Posted 4 Years ago through Blogs
    A co-worker recently asked me why she would get timeout when updating a column in a big table. This column will be updated to 0 (zero) because a default value of 0 (zero) constrain is now added to the table. The table has over 40 million records. Alth...
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